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Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3
Charlton A.
The basis of health education principles
p. 14
Aminov N. A.
Natural prerequisites for pedagogoical styles in primary school teachers
p. 23
Abdurasulova T. D.
Normative diagnostics of psychological prerequisites for school education readiness in 4-5-year-olds
p. 34
Tsetlin M. M., Stroganova T. A.
Temperamental features in enfants suffering early visual deprivation

Psychology and practice
p. 48
Kurek N. S.
Mother's and teenager-daughter's emotional contacts as a factor of addictive behavior forming

Thematic reports
p. 61
Sokolova E. T., Burlakova N. S.
On grounds of case gialogue analysis
p. 76
Bogdanov N. N.
Dermatoglyphic patterns in left-handers
p. 88
Fonarev A. R.
Types of personality formation during professionalization
p. 94
Mustafin A. M.
Correlation between skin bio-active points and psychological factors

History of psychology
p. 100
Nikol'skaya A. A.
A. N. Nechaev: Life and works

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 112
Borisova E. M., Loginova G. P., Mdivani M. O.
Diagnostics of managerial abilities
p. 122
Kondakov I. M.
Adolescents' professional plans diagnostics

Critical review and bibliography
p. 131
Gorbacheva E. I.
Modern view on pedagogics and psychology of higher education (in Russian)
p. 134
Bratus' B. S.
The first textbook on psychological anthropology (in Russian)
p. 136
Bolotova L. K.
New approach to abilities problem (in Russian)
p. 139
New journal (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 140
Creativeness and culture: Talent development in art and culture (in Russian)
p. 144
Conference on L. S. Vygotsky's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 147
The First All-Russian conference "Psychology and advertising" (in Russian)
p. 152
Conference on 75th anniversary of State academy of artistic sciences (in Russian)
p. 153
Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 154
E. N. Kabanova-Meller (in Russian)
p. 157
p. 161
Our authors (in Russian)

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