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The basis of health education principles

A. Charlton

The paper gives the author's views on the processes which have contributed to current views on health education and health promotion. The paper presents a review of the various health education models. The social, political and environmental circumstances in which the health decision was made could influence it very strongly and thus the new discipline of health promotion was born.

Natural prerequisites for pedagogoical styles in primary school teachers

N.A. Aminov

The results of a study show that there are two types — X and Y — of pedagogical styles. The teachers characterized by type X are extraverts, dominanta-independent, empathic, with high level of achievement motivation; they are characterized by less compliance to social standards of primary school. The teachers characterized by type Y are introverts, conforming-docile, with low level of achievement motivation and empathy, but with better compliance to social standards of primary school. The differences are more pronounced in teachers with marked authenticity to their natural prerequisites.

Normative diagnostics of psychological prerequisites for school education readiness in 4—5-year-olds

T.D. Abdurasulova

The article deals in analysis and working out of normative diagnostics of psychological prerequisites for school education readiness in 4—5-year-olds. The results of application of «Development of preschoolers test» are presented. There is comparative analysis of developmental features in children residing in different regions and educated by different programs.

Temperamental features in enfants suffering early visual deprivation

M.M. Tsetlin, T.A. Stroganova

Remote consequences of early visual deficit (lack of information on visual patterns) for temperamental development were examined. Temperamental characteristics by Balleyguier scale were estimated in 24 infants (6—36 months old) during different periods after bilateral cataract removal and correction of eyesight by lenses. Comparison of these data with normative ones shows two independent styles of behavior in infants with early visual deprivation. One of them is characterized by negative emotional background and avoidance strategy prevalence. The other is connected to high innep strain and self-stimulation, generalized discharging and aggression prevalence. The extent of temperamental features does not vary according to time since deprivation period. The existence of critical period in self-regulation systems development during the first 6 months of life is stated.

Mother's and teenager-daughter's emotional contacts as a factor of addictive behavior forming

N.S. Kurek

Interrelation of emotional contacts between mother and adolescent daughter and forming of dependency to psycho-active drags is analyzed. Complex of six methods was used on three samples of examinees (differing in their dependency to alcohol and psycho-active drugs) in order to evaluate cognitive, subject, expressive and emotional components of contacts. The correlation of dysfunction in emotional contacts and various aspects of addictive behavior is analyzed.

On grounds of case dialogue analysis

E.T. Sokolova, N.S. Burlakova

The article demonstrates diagnostic value of dialogue analysis of psychotherapeutic case. This method imploys reconstruction of patient's inner dialogue movement during psychotherapy with important Other based on word for word texts of psychotherapeutical sessions. Analyzed psychotherapeutical process is a developing dialogue one characterized by unfolding of patient's inner dialogues towards basic dialogue connections in self-consciousness.

Dermatoglyphic patterns of left-handers

N.N. Bogdanov

Some aspects of dermatoglyphic patterns of of left-handers were observed. The importance of dermatoglyphic patterns as a genetic marker of left/right-handedness are discussed.

Types of personality formation during professionalization

A.R. Fonarev

The article deals with the matters of professional activity efficiency increase. It can be done by psychological regulation of all the life and not professional activity only. The moduses of human existence are marked out: Possession, social achievement and service, determining the success of professional forming of a personality. The levels of psychological regulation of activity corresponding to these moduses are described.


Correlation between skin bio-active points and psychological factors

A.M. Mustafih

It has been shown that there is a correlation between temperature and morphological asymmetry of ears and certain cognitive characteristics in students.

A.N. Nechaev: life and works

A.A. Nikol'skaya

Well-known Russian psychologist A.N. Nechaev has made valuable contribution for developmental and pedagogical psychology and the organization of education. His main works are reviewed.

Diagnostics of managerial abilities

E.M. Borisova, G.G. Loginova, M.O. Mdivani

The results of managerial abilities test working out are presented. The data on empirical-analytical study of professionally important features of a manager are divided into three blocks: intellectual, personal and psycho-physiological. All the types of sub-tests are discussed. The test is shown to be valid. Comparative study of professional development in different groups of managers is analyzed.

Adolescents' professional • plans diagnostics

I.M. Kondakov

Adolescents' professional plans questionnaire was worked out. A list of different utterances on the theme was composed on the basis of adolescents' evaluation of their professional development and choice. After subjective scaling by experimental sample of adolescents factorial and cluster-analysis was used. Their results are interpreted as qualitatively specific professions' sets.