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p. 3
Zinchenko V. P.
To the friend's memory

To V.V. Davydov's memory
p. 11
Davydov V. V., Zinchenko V. P.
Object activity and ontogenesis of cognition
p. 29
Brushlinsky A. V.
Concerning the working out of psychic development theory by V. V. Davydov
p. 37
Gromyko Y. V.
The construction of social practice by educational means
p. 49
Rubtsov V. V.
Joint learning activity in the problem of social interaction and learning context
p. 59
Kudryavtsev V. T.
Psychological basis of stage continuity in developing education system: V. V. Davydov's design
p. 68
Tsukerman G. A.
What is and what is not developed by learning activity in junior schoolchildren?
p. 82
Leont'ev A. A.
"Teach a fantasy. . . " (Creativity and developing education)
p. 85
Chudinova E. V.
Children's work with hypotheses in El'konin's - Davydov's educative system
p. 94
Poluyanov Y. A.
Learning activity and creativity in children studying art

Psychology in high school
p. 102
Isaev E. I., Slobodchikov V. I.
General psychology (in Russian)
p. 107
Isaev E. I., Slobodchikov V. I.
Developmental psychology (in Russian)
p. 114
Ovcharenko V. I.
Psychoanalytic anthropology (in Russian)
p. 120
Kornilova T. V.
Experimental methods in psychoogy (in Russian)
p. 126
Borisova E. M.
The principles of psychodiagnostics (in Russian)
p. 130
Lokalova N. P.
Psychodiagnostics of difficulties in learning and their overcoming (in Russian)
p. 141
Kleiberg Y. A.
Psychology of deviant behavior (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 146
XV ISSBD conference (in Russian)
p. 148
Psychological education in Russia: New roadmarks and goals (in Russian)
p. 154
Discussion on theoretical psychology problems (in Russian)
p. 156
Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 159
p. 160
Our authors (in Russian)

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