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Theoretical research
p. 3
Asmolov A. G.
21th century: Psychology at the age of psychology
p. 13
Poddyakov A. N.
Opposition to education and development as pedagogic method
p. 21
Akimova M. K., Kozlova V. T., Ferens N. A.
Theoretical approaches to practical thinking diagnostics
p. 32
Krichevets A. N.
Concerning mathematical problems and mathematical education goals

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 42
Polivanova K. N.
Specific characteristics of development in transitional periods (1-year crisis)
p. 50
Ermolova T. V., Meshchryakova S. Y., Ganoshenko N. I.
Special features of preschoolers' personal development before and during 7-years-crisis
p. 60
Kaplunovich I. Y.
Psychological characteristics of spatial cognition

Psychology and practice
p. 69
Ispolatova E. N., Nikolaeva T. P.
Modified technics of early person's recollections
p. 77
Menovshchikov V. Y.
Psychotherapeutic practice: Clients' myths
p. 83
Kholmogorova L. S.
The forming of schoolchildren's psychological culture
p. 91
Conference calendar (in Russian)

Thematic reports
p. 92
Osnitsky A. K., Chuikova T. S.
Self-regulation of person's activity when becoming unemployed

In other countries
p. 105
Smirnova E. O., Radeva R.
The development of attachment theory (after P. Crittenden)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 117
Bratus' B. S.
Psychology without work and diligence (in Russian)
p. 119
Derkach A. A.
The problems of life sense (in Russian)
p. 122
Kuz'mina N. V.
The personality and pedagogical giftedness (in Russian)
p. 123
Kudryavtsev V. T.
Is the subject idea a foundation of Russian psychological knowledge? (in Russian)
p. 127
p. 129
Our Authors (in Russian)

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