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96' 2, page 42

Ravich- Shcherbo I. V., Maryutina T. M., Trubnikov V. N., Belova E. S., Kiriakidi E. F.
Psychological predictors of individual development

Individual characteristics were twice (at an age of 2,3 years and at an age of 7,8 years) diagnosed in 36 twin pairs. For the former two, Baily scales (intellectual development and behavior evaluation) were used; for the latter Stanford Binet test (intellect), Torrance test (creativity), Liders test (school readiness). Mother's characteristics were evaluated too (intellect, extra-version, neuroticism). Children's weight at birth was registered. Predictors were found by means of multiple regression analysis. A predictor's value was the highest when it was connected to the same variable as the response or when it was of a complex nature. It can be assumed that predictors are connected to the responses by common genetic factors.

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