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95' 3, page 151

Nissim-Sabat L., Shchedrina E. V.
Psychologists of the CIS: the questionnaire of «Voprosy psychologii»

Subscribers to "Voprosy Psychologii" were asked to respond to a survey designed to assess the educational, employment and professional activities of psychologists in the Newly Independent States. The survey, adapted from the annual survey distributed by the American Psychological Association was completed by 120 respondents, of which 72, 5% were women and 27, 5% were men. The results indicate significant gender and age differences in education, employment and areas of specialization. Women, as compared to men, are more likely to specialize in developmental/social areas and work in educational settings. Men, on the other hand are more likely to have obtained degrees in psychology and work in university settings. This survey will be distributed yearly, and it is expected that the return rate will be higher in future years. The collection of this information will hopefully help in determining the various needs of the psychological profession and the role psychology will play in future public policy debates.

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