Agency, control and means-ends beliefs about school performance in schoolchildren: Cross-cultural study

A. Stetsenko, T. Little, G. Oettingen, P. Baltes

The development of school performance-related agency, control, and means-ends beliefs and their link with academic performance in Moscow children (grades 2-6, N= =551) using the "Control, Agency and Means-Ends Inventory" (CAMI) were studied. Results revealed much intercultural convergence with Western samples, coupled with context-specific variations. Similarities involved (a) the CAMI factor structure, (b) the correlational nexus between beliefs and school achievement, (c) developmental trends across middle childhood, and (d) the configuration of means-ends beliefs. Differences involved developmental variations in beliefs about (a) teachers (e.g. an age-related decrease in perceived accessibility of teachers), (b) the role and accessibility of ability (e.g. high levels of agency beliefs but low levels of means-ends beliefs) and (c) gender differences in the agency/control beliefs (i.e. girls were higher than boys). In general, Moscow children displayed a Western-like view of the causes of school performance and of themselves as being agentic and capable of personal control over their  performance outcomes; such patterns may stem from various features of the proximal school-related environment.


Teacher's identity and his communicative features

N.V. Antonova

Personal identity structure and its parameters' analysis is discussed. Teacher's identity and its correlation to communicative specificity were experimentally studied and the types of these determined. Special problems of the teacher due to the type are considered and recommendations offered.


Self-regulating styles of students with different types of character accentuations

V.I. Morosanova

Individual styles of behavior self-regulation in students with different types of character accentuation and the ways of non-productive styles compensation are studied. Typical features of behavior regulation in learning activity were compared for seven groups of students: hyperitimic, cycloid, labial, psychastenic, shizoid, epileptoid, hysteroid. The possibility of compensation for separate regulatory components exists for each type of character accentuation. Negative correlation between components of self-regulating system gives evidence of such a compensation.


The forming of mother's affection to a child during pregnancy

V.I. Brutman, M.S. Radionova

The role of corporal intraceptive experience of pregnancy in mother's affection forming is considered. The comparison of psychological and psycho-physiological characteristics of desirable and undesirable pregnancies shows considerable differences. They depend on specificity of sensation due to child's movements and on specific "alternative" states of consciousness, resulting normally in deep affection between mother and child.


The problem of teacher's psychological education projecting

E.I. Isaev

Modern psychological education of teachers is discussed. It is based on the concepts of psychological anthropology and consists of three courses: "Human psychology", "Developmental psychology", "Psychology of education".


Personality: Actual problems of systematic approach

B.B. Kossov

The differentiating features of existing concepts of personality are outlined. These features can be used for working out of a complex one on basis of systematic approach. The principles of author's own style-systematic personality concept are presented; it is experimentally corraborated and opens new ways of the development of personality psychology.


The psychoanalytic dialogue: Transference and counter-transference

D. Pines

The article presents the text of author's lecture in Moscow. The notions of transference and counter-transference are discussed and illustrated by the examples out of author's experience.


Hemispheric asymmetry and problems of colour perception

V.A. Moskvin

Lateral characteristics of 128 males (aged 20-35) with color perception anomalies and of 276 healthy ones with similar social status were studied. Among persons with color perception anomalies there is reliable accumulation of left-handed subjects and those with left index of "crossing of hands" test. It is assumed that genesis of color perception anomalies is connected not only to periferal retinal anomalies but is due to central disfunction of pre- and perinatal character. Lateral criteria can be used in vocational consultation.


To the 90th anniversary of remarkable Russian psychologist B.G.Anan'ev

A.A. Krylov, V.N. Kunitsina, H.A. Loginova

B.G. Anan'ev's contribution to Russian psychological science is described.


C.G. Jung's analitical psychology: On selfness understanding

N.K. Gindilis

The author analyses one of the central notions of C.G. Jung's analitical psychology - the notion of selfness - and tries to differentiate primary unconscious selfness and full realized one using the materials of medieval daos treatize "Golden Flower Mystery".


Nikolay Alexandrovich Rybnikov

M.E. Botsmanova, E.P. Guseva

The authors describe scientific contributions and life of N.A. Rybnikov, well-known Russian psychologist, using a lot of archive findings.


Genetic determination of human EEG studies

S.B. Malykh

Genetic determination of human EEG is analyzed. Existing data demonstrate marked hereditory factors influence on spectral characteristics and on coherence indices in all EEG frequency diapasons. Several family studies show the type of some rare patterns heritability. Modern achievements of molecular genetics and statistical methods development made it possible to localize the gene responsible for EEG low-amplitude alpha-variant.