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Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3
Yakobson S. G., Safonova N. M.
Volitional attention formation in preschoolers
p. 10
Volochkov A. A., Vyatkin B. A.
Individual style of learning activity in junior schoolchildren
p. 21
Skripkina T. P.
Mutual trust as a basis of personal interactions

Psychology and practice
p. 31
Petrakova T. I., Limonova D. L., Men'shikova E. S.
Situative motivation of drug abuse in adolescents
p. 36
Sholomiy K. M.
Rational system of training exercises for computerized school education

Thematic reports
p. 50
Buyakas T. M., Zevina O. G.
Subject's internal activity in individual consciousness amplification
p. 61
Ross L., Ward A.
Naive realism in everyday life: Implications for the dynamics of social conflict
p. 72
Nesmelova N. N.
Individual-typological features of orienting reaction: Their role in operator's adaptation prediction
p. 80
Moskvin V. A.
Interhemispheric asymmetry and alcoholism
p. 90
Myasoed P. A.
Systematic-activity approach in development psychology

To the 200th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin
p. 101
Melik-Pashaev A. A.
A. S. Pushkin and psychology of creativeness

Memorable dates (To the 110th anniversary of S.L .Rubinstein)
p. 107
Zinchenko V. P.
A word about S. L. Rubinstein
p. 110
Brushlinsky A. V.
Subjective-activity concept and functional system theory
p. 122
Isaev E. I.
S. L. Rubinstein's contribution into psychological education of teachers

Experimental research
p. 130
Razoumnikova O. M., Shemelina O. S.
Personal and cognitive features interaction in experimental evaluation of creativity
p. 139
Conference calendar

Out of working experience
p. 140
Amirova V. R., Bogdanchikov S. A., Ivanov L. N.
Psychodiagnostics of high risk of alcoholization groups among students (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 143
VI European Congress on psychology (in Russian)
p. 146
A new section of Russian psychological society (in Russian)

Our anniversaries

Out of official information
p. 152
In Russian Humanitarian Scientific foundation (in Russian)
p. 157
To the 75th anniversary of V. E. Chudnovsky (in Russian)
p. 157
L. N. Landa (in Russian)
p. 159
p. 160
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