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To the 85th anniversary of Psychological Institute
p. 3
Rubtsov V. V.
Psychological science and education in L. G. Shchukina Psychological Institute
p. 8
Yaroshevsky M. G.
Two scientific schools in Russian psychologists' paternal house
p. 12
The addresses received by Psychological Institute on its 85th anniversary (in Russian)

Theoretical research
p. 18
Lazarev V. S.
Psychic development in cultural-historical theory of activity
p. 27
Khomskaya E. D.
The study of psyche biological basis from neuropsychologic point of view

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 39
Yakimanskaya I. S.
Educational programs providing personal development principles and methods of construction
p. 48
Chirkov V. I., Deci E. L.
Students' extrinsic and intrinsic aspirations, parent and teacher perceptions as connected to their psychic health
p. 57
Shiyan A. B.
Anticipatory image in the structure of schoolchildren's thinking

Psychology and practice
p. 67
Gorbacheva E. I.
Object orientation of thinking as the basis of semantic selectivity

Thematic reports
p. 75
Maryutina T. M.
The heredity models in manual asymmetry formation
p. 83
Ivanova T. V.
Ecological values in social consciousness

To the 200th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin
p. 89
Sirotkina I. E.
A. S. Pushkin: the pages of Russian publishings on psychology and psychiatry

History of psychology
p. 99
Martsinkovskaya T. D., Yaroshevsky M. G.
Unknown pages of G. I. Chelpanov's works

In other countries
p. 107
Pervova I. L.
Diagnostics and treatment of depression in children and adolescents
p. 116
Brief book review (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 118
Anniversary session in Psychological Institute (in Russian)
p. 120
Conference calendar

Our anniversaries
p. 121
To the anniversary of G. M. Andreeva (in Russian)
p. 122
To the anniversary of D. A. Farber (in Russian)
p. 123
To the 75th anniversary of A. V. Petrovsky (in Russian)
p. 127
p. 129
Our Authors (in Russian)

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