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Theoretical research
p. 3
Slobodchikov V. I., Isaev E. I.
Anthropological principle in developmental psychology

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 18
Ulanovskaya I. M., Polivanova N. I., Ermakova I. V.
What is "educative environment" at school and how to expose it?
p. 24
Filippova G. G.
Comparative-psychological study of enlivening complex

Psychology in high school
p. 35
Kolpachnikov V. V.
Introduction to individual psychological consulting
p. 40
Vasilyuk F. E.
Psychotechnical analysis of psychotherapeutical process

Thematic reports
p. 44
Krol' V. M.
Psychological mechanisms of visual perception process: Integrative model
p. 58
Mironova M. N.
Concerning symbiotic conjugate dominant as the basis of symbiotic connection mechanism

Psychology and practice
p. 65
Il'ina S. V.
The influence of violence experienced in childhood on personal disorders' formation

History of psychology
p. 75
Sirotkina I. E.
Literature and psychology: oncerning humanitarian approach history

Experimental research
p. 86
Gordeeva N. D., Evsevicheva I. V., Zinchenko V. P., Kurgansky A. V.
Microdinamics of action motor stage

Scientific events
p. 101
International congress on activity (in Russian)
p. 104
Adolescents' deviant behavior: reasons, trends, social defense forms (in Russian)
p. 105
The First Davydovian readings (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 107
All life in search: L. M. Vekker is 80 years old (in Russian)
p. 111
A. A. Bodalev is 75 years old (in Russian)
p. 112
To G. G. Granik's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 115
To N. I. Chuprikova's anniversary (in Russian)
p. 122
O. M. Diachenko (in Russian)
p. 123
Yu. A. Sherkovin (in Russian)
p. 124
p. 126
Index of publications in 1998 (in Russian)
p. 129
Our authors (in Russian)

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