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Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3
Jasvin V. A.
Psychological-pedagogical correction of subjective attitude towards nature in ecological education
p. 14
Tarasov S. V.
Psychological analysis of student's ideological categorical structure
p. 21
Sidorenkov A. V.
Possible directions of psychological-pedagogical influence on learning groups

Psychology and practice
p. 30
Figdor G.
Is the school able to assist adolescents on probation?
p. 42
Prokhorov A. O., Gening G. N.
Special features of junior schoolchildren psychic states .

Thematic reports
p. 54
Shtrooh V. A.
Defense mechanisms: From individual toward group
p. 61
Bogdanov N. N., Samishchenko S. S., Khvylya-Olinter A. I.
Dermatoglyphic patterns in serial killers
p. 65
Gavrilitsa O. A.
Working woman's feeling of guilt

p. 71
Bratus' B. S.
Double existence of soul and the possibility of Christian psychology
p. 79
Bermus A. G.
Natural-scientific paradigm in psychology: The choice of reference-points

Memorable dates
p. 84
Leytex N. S.
Children's psychologist P. P. Kaptcrev (To the 150m anniversary)
p. 94
Martsinkovskaya T. D., Poleva N. S.
The role of State academy of artistic sciences in B. M. Teplov's scientific fate
p. 102
Davydov V. V., Kudryavtsev V. T.
Life and scientific work of T. V. Kudryavtsev (to the 70th anniversary)

Experimental research
p. 111
Shcheblanova E. I.
Longitudinal study of development in gifted pupils of primary school

In other countries
p. 123
Torshina K. A.
Creativity studies in modem foreign psychology
p. 133
Brief book review (in Russian)

Critical review and bibliography
p. 135
Ouzilevsky G. Y.
Organical psychology: Actual, necessary, useful (in Russian)
p. 137
Davydov V. V.
A new textbook on developmental psychology (in Russian)
p. 138
Mit'kin A. A.
Psychology of intellectual development: A new system paradigm (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 143
N. S. Leytcs is 80 years old (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 148
Psychological, philosophical and axiological problems of purpose of life (in Russian)
p. 151
Presentation of "Deep psychology encyclopedia" (in Russian)

Out of official information
p. 152
In Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fond (in Russian)
p. 156
Congratulations to contest winners
p. 161
Our authors (in Russian)

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