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Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 3
Mitina L. M., Kuz'menkova O. V.
Psychological trends of teacher's interpersonal contradictions
p. 17
Tsukerman G. A.
10-12-year-olds: "No man's land" in developmental psychology
p. 31
Khotinets V. Y.
Ethnical self-consciousness formation in the course of higher education
p. 43
Zyryaniva N. M.
Longitude study of generalised cognitive characteristics in twins
p. 50
Smirnova E. O., Kalyagina E. V.
Popular and rejected pre-schoolers' attitude to peers
p. 61
Yaglovskaya E. K.
Concerning group interrelations of gifted pre-schoolers

Thematic reports
p. 70
Kucherenko V. V., Petrenko V. F., Rossokhin A. V.
Altered states of consciousness: Psychological analysis
p. 78
Simonenko S. I.
Psychological cues for the assessment of trustworthiness and falsity of reports
p. 85
Moll E. G.
Image and planning of future managerial career
p. 91
Vasyukova E. E.
Cognitive need: The levels of development and manifestation in thinking

p. 104
Znakov V. V.
Person's spirituality mirrored in psychological knowledge and in religious faith

Experimental research
p. 115
Dontsov A. I., Tokareva M. Y.
Social context as a factor of minority and majority interrelation

Experimental methods
p. 125
Poluyanov Y. A.
A method for combinatorial abilities diagnostics
p. 136
Osnitsky A. K.
Vocational orientation of students in case of education specialisation

Critical review and bibliography
p. 149
Simonov V. P.
A book on difficult adolescents (in Russian)
p. 151
Conference calendar (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 153
II El'koninian readings (in Russian)
p. 155
H. J. Eysenck (in Russian)
p. 157
V. V. Davydov (in Russian)
p. 159
p. 160
Our authors (in Russian)

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