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Theoretical research
p. 3
Feldstein D. I.
Childhood as socio-psychological phenomenon and special state of development

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 20
Meshcheryakov B. G.
Psychological problems of education anthropologization
p. 31
Emel'yanov G. A.
Poetical form perception in adolescence and youth
p. 44
Mironova M. N.
Integral approach to teacher's personality model

Psychology in high school
p. 55
Myasoed P. A.
On psychological knowledge systems (new psychological text-books analysis)

Thematic reports
p. 65
Kryazh I. V.
Psychosemantic study of everyday ecological notions
p. 76
Melik-Pashaev A. A.
Concerning the source of creative abilities
p. 83
Shepeleva Y. P., Batov V. I., Petrov V. M.
Psycholinguistic analysis of poetic creativeness

Memorable dates
p. 90
Vyatkin B. A., Silina E. A.
V. S. Merlin - researcher and educator
p. 95
Klimov E. A.
The lines to V. S. Merlin's portrait

History of psychology
p. 99
Petrov O. V.
Psychological education in Samara district at the beginning of XX century

Scientific archives
p. 108
Leont'ev A. N.
The teaching on environment in pedological works of L. S. Vygotsky

In other countries
p. 124
Leont'ev A. A., Leont'ev D. A.
Commentary on A. N. Leont'ev's manuscript
p. 128
Stroganova T. A., Orekhova E. V.
Psychophysiology of individual differences in early childhood: Moderm state of problem

Critical review and bibliography
p. 146
Rean A. A.
Pedagogical psychology: Scientific psychological basis of educative practice (in Russian)
p. 149
Polyakov S. D.
Limitation of reality: Boundaries of pedagogical psychology (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 151
Science of behavior: Round-table talk (in Russian)
p. 155
Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 159
p. 161
Our authors (in Russian)

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