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Theoretical research
p. 5
Osnitsky A. K.
The experience of a study: subject activity of a student

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 20
Polivanova K. N.
Psychological content of adolescence

Psychology and practice
p. 34
Kabardov M. K., Artsyshevskaya E. V.
The types of linguistic and communicative abilities and competence

Thematic reports
p. 50
Tokareva M. Y., Dontsov A. I.,
Minority as a source of social influence
p. 62
Pryazhnikov N. S.
Vocational identity formation in cultural- historical perspective
p. 72
Trofimova I. N.
Individual differences from the point of view of evolutional-synergic approach

History of psychology
p. 85
Bogdanchikov S. A.
Why was G. I. Chelpanov discharged? (Historiography of the fact)

Experimental research
p. 97
Shcheblanova E. I., Averina I. S., Heller C. A., Perleth C.
Gifted students identification as the first stage in longitude study of giftedness
p. 108
Augenberg I. V.
Dynamics of the formation of psycho-physical scales in schoolchildren
p. 115
Bykova L. C., Kravtsov K. G., Gulinskaya O. A., Kulikov M. A.
The comparison of dichotic test results in junior schoolchildren (boarding school for blind children and common school pupils)

In other countries
p. 124
Ermakova E. S.
The study of psychological mechanism of preschooler's thinking flexibility
p. 131
Antonova N. V.
Personal identity in foreign social psychology

Critical review and bibliography
p. 143
Brief book review (in Russian)
p. 148
New journals (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 150
Arestova N. V.
IV European psychological congress (in Russian)
p. 155
G. K. Sereda (in Russian)
p. 157
p. 161
Our authors (in Russian)

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