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p. 5
Shchedrina E. V.
To the 40th anniversary of «Voprosy Psychologii»

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 9
Kossov B. B.
Generalization of higher education contents as a factor of its development
p. 20
Snegireva T. V.
Meaning and symbol in projective pictures
p. 33
Kondrat'ev M. Y.
Characteristics of interpersonal relations in specialized boarding schools

Psychological consultation
p. 43
Zaika E. V.
Exercises for reading habit forming in junior schoolchildren

History of psychology
p. 55
Yaroshevsky M. G.
Walter Cannon, Ivan Pavlov and the problem of emotional behavior
p. 66
Van W. A.
The works of pioneering psychoanalyst S. Spielrein
p. 79
Sirotkina I. E.
Clinical psychology: The works of Russian psychiatrists of late XIX century

Memorable dates
p. 93
Bolotova A. K.
For the memory of Teacher (to the 100th anniversary of D. G. El'kin)

Experimental research
p. 96
Belous V. V., Kopan' T. V.
The role of motivation and stimulation in the formation of integral individuality
p. 104
Slobodskaya E. R.
Temperament at an early age: Parental estimates and family characteristics
p. 113
Heikkila V. M.
The method to evaluate individual psychological prerequisites for driver's activity

In other countries
p. 122
Breif book review (in Russian)
p. 135
To the 75th anniversary of E. N. Sokolov (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 138
Malykh S. B.
International congress on activity theory (in Russian)

Scientific events
p. 142
Dubrovina I. V., Semenov I. N.
The First International congress on humanization of education (in Russian)
p. 144
Kolpachnikov V. V., Kocharyan A. S., Demidov S. R.
Humanistic psychology forum (in Russian)
p. 146
Makhnach A. V.
Psychology and christianity: a way to integration (in Russian)
p. 152
O. M. Tutunjyan (in Russian)
p. 155
p. 157
Index of articles published in «Voprosy psychologii» in 1995
p. 160
Our authors (in Russian)

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