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Theoretical research
p. 5
Cole M.
Cultural mechanisms of development

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 21
Savina E. A.
The peculiarities of 5—10 years old children's view on a soul
p. 28
Granik G. G.
Psychological features of spelling literacy
p. 37
Calendar of conferences (in Russian)

Psychology and practice
p. 38
Elizarov A. N.
The main directions of psychological consulting of parents on parent — adolescent conflict by youth help-line

Thematic reports
p. 46
Lebedev A. N., Bokovikov A. K.
Consumer's economic behavior and the theory of activity
p. 53
Prokhorov A. O., Serezhkina A. E.
Psychical conditions of personal computer user

In the Russian Psychological society
p. 62
Psychological society statute (in Russian)

Memorable dates
p. 70
Yaroshevsky M. G.
The first hotbed of psychological studies in Russian Academy of sciences
p. 79
Yakimanskaya L.
The problems of education and of development in N. A. Menchinskaya's works
p. 90
Menchinskaya N. A.
The pages of a diary: Daughter's development

Experimental research
p. 104
Chuprikova N., Ratanova T. A.
Intelligence indices and cognitive differentiation in junior school-children
p. 114
Batuev A. S., Kashchavtsev A. G., Soboleva M. V.
Newbom enfants' visual tracking in the situation of choice

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 119
Kopina O. S., Suslova E. A., Zaikin E. V.
Express-method of psychoemotional strain diagnostics
p. 133
Surnina O. E., Lupandin V. L., Pustueva N. V., Yezhitsa L. N.
Cross-modal choice in preschoolers' time evaluation

In other countries
p. 139
Smirnova E. O.
Theory of attachment: the concept and the experiment

Events in science
p. 151
Nissim-Sabat L., Shchedrina E. V.
Psychologists of the CIS: the questionnaire of «Voprosy psychologii»
p. 154
Bogoyavlenskaya D. B.
The 110-th anniversary of Moscow Psychological Society (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 156
We congratulate V. S. Moukhina (in Russian)
p. 158
60-th anniversary of V. M. Mel'nikov (in Russian)
p. 159
p. 161
Our authors (in Russian)

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