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Theoretical research
p. 5
Orlov A. V.
The personality and the essence: Inner and outer "Self" of human being
p. 19
Vorob'eva L. I.
Humanitarian psychology: The subject and functions

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 31
Yakimanskaya I. S.
Elaboration of personality-centered education technology
p. 42
Pantina N. S.
An experience in psychologo-pedagogical programming of learning to read by the preschoolers
p. 47
Ermolova T. V., Komogortseva I. S.
Temporal aspect of self-image in senior preschoolers

Psychology and practice
p. 59
Kurbatova I. A.
Poli-modal approach and its application to child giftedness diagnostics

Thematic reports
p. 66
Baker K., Gippenreiter Y. B.
The influence of Stalinist repressions of the thirties on family life in three generations
p. 84
Znakov V. V.
Why do the Americans and Russians lie: Russian psychologist's reflections on P. Eckman's book
p. 92
Sokolova E. T.
On the problem of psychotherapy of borderline personality disorders
p. 105
Kotik M. A.
On Tartu University students' estimation of their future

In the Russian Psychological society
p. 113
Information about Russian psychological society foundation
p. 118
Klimov E. A.
Russian Psychological society: existing situation and perspectives (in Russian)

Experimental methods and apparatus
p. 125
Shuvarikova E. V.
Diagnostics of mass media comprehension by senior schoolchildren

In other countries
p. 130
Abramova Y. G.
Psychology of environment: Sources and directions of development
p. 137
Gordeeva O. V.
The development of emotion language in children

p. 150
Publications in Western journals (in Russian)

Events in science
p. 154
Conference calendar (in Russian)
p. 156
p. 158
Our authors (in Russian)

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