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Theoretical research
p. 5
Konopkin O. A.
Mental self-regulation In voluntary activity (structural-functional aspect)

Developmental and pedagogical psychology
p. 13
Repkin V. R., Repkina G. V., Zaika E. V.
Psychological-pedagogical monitoring in learning activity

Psychology and practice
p. 25
Venger A. L., Desyatnikova Y. M.
Group training of senior schoolchildren for their social adaptation
p. 33
Brutman V. I., Enikolopov S. N., Radionova M. S.
Undesirable pregnancy of sexual violence victims (psychological-psychiatric aspect)

Psychological consultation
p. 41
Zaika E. V., Nazarova N. P., Marenich L.
Concerning play training of schoolchildren for the development of thinking, imagination and memory

Thematic reports
p. 46
Soboleva O. V.
On the comprehension of mini-text: The Importance of proverbs
p. 53
Pavlenko V. N.
Cultural-historical development of mental processes and the theory of stage formation of mental acts
p. 60
Stepanov S. Y., Variamova E. L.
Reflexive-innovative approach to management and training of managerial personnel for bussines structures
p. 69
Karopa G. N.
Psychological aspects of school ecology education

History of psychology
p. 74
Sirotkina I. E.
Out of Russian psychotherapy history: N. E. Osipov in Moscow and Prague
p. 84
Gordon G. O.
Out of reminiscences about G. I. Chelpanov

Experimental research
p. 97
Leont'ev D. A., Pilipko N. V.
Choice as activity: Its individual determinants and possibilities of training

In other countries
p. 111
Eysenck H.
Intelligence: The new look
p. 132
Rogers N.
A road to holisticity: Human-centered therapy based on expressive arts
p. 139
Brief book review (in Russian)
p. 146
Events in science (in Russian)

Our anniversaries
p. 156
To the 60-th aanivereary of B. A. Vyatkin (in Russian)
p. 158
p. 160
Our authors (in Russian)

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